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Why do you need a PPC agency for your business? 

Pay-per-click PPC advertising is often underestimated by business owners. The reason being is the cost incurred for it. Small businesses often tend to focus on organic growth and most of the time don’t invest in PPC or a PPC agency. From a business standpoint, this could be a significant mistake. Having a good PPC management strategy in place allows you to generate numbers more quickly as compared to organic efforts.

PPC advertising is just not running ads on Google, but Bing, Yahoo, or even Amazon, they allow you to get closer to your goals much quicker. Our PPC agency in Bradford puts a strategy together which allows you to target your audience using relevant search engines.


PPC is also used for keyword domination, even if you have a good organic ranking on particular keywords you can use PPC to dominate those results. All in all, a good PPC management not only helps your SEO strategy but also generates much quicker results.

“We recently worked with Justly Digital to develop a new advertising campaign. The agency was highly professional, responsive, and knowledgeable about the latest PPC advertising strategies. Adil took the time to understand our business goals and target audience, and created ads to generate new leads. They also worked closely with our team to establish a sales pipeline within Hubspot. We recommend Justly Digital to any business exploring PPC advertising efforts.”


Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE, founder SKB Law

PPC management needs time, expertise, and knowledge. Not every business has that amount of time and expertise to lend to their business, that is why a PPC agency is required. If you are running Google Ads on your own there is a high probability that you will end up exhausting more budget than required. PPC can be a little tricky, with a wasted budget, higher CPC ( due to low-quality scores), and lost revenue. The time you will spend learning the management of Ads could be spent in strategising your business growth.


Having an experienced, more competent PPC agency in Bradford on board will give you more time and confidence to invest in your business and not worry about your PPC account.


Having an experienced PPC agency in Bradford means having a better account setup that makes use of all the advertising possibilities that Google and other advertising platforms provide. Improved reporting and measurement will allow you to understand what is and isn’t working and manage your budget more effectively. Compliance with your marketing plan. Website and landing page optimisation. Professionally written and crafted advertisements, more inquiries, sales, donations or leads, and lastly a better return on investment that is also measurable.

Looking for a top PPC agency in Bradford?

You require a PPC Agency in Bradford if you want to broaden your clientele, improve the number of quality leads, and eventually raise revenues. Because of the fierce competition in the market, you must stand out. Without a PPC management strategy, you’re missing out and giving potential clients to your competitors. Given the increased competitiveness in today’s market, relying solely on organic leads and sales may not be an option. Organic and paid advertising should be used in tandem as part of a successful marketing plan.


Justly Digital is the ideal choice for your company’s pay-per-click PPC advertising requirements. To help our clients who use our Google Ads PPC management to get a return on their web marketing investments, we collaborate with them. We create and handle every part of your paid advertising campaign at cost-effective rates that won’t break the bank.


From keyword research to copywriting and landing page optimisation, you can count on our PPC management. You never have to be concerned about working with a different agency for design or copywriting as we also provide those services!

Our PPC Management Services Include:

PPC Campaign Audit Services

As one of the leading PPC Agency’s in Bradford, we provide PPC Audit services to assist you in locating your PPC advertising weak points and having the most effective PPC strategy.


We examine your PPC advertising strategies that are performing adequately as well as those with high conversion rates that may be scaled up or down in order to achieve desired objectives.


We’ll look at a variety of techniques, including testing new keywords, headlines, extensions, and texts within existing advertisements, identifying the campaigns’ underperforming keywords, and assessing the rules you’ve put up for ads.


Then, in order to determine whether it’s worthwhile to pursue, we will develop a PPC strategy that covers the likely expenses associated with putting this action plan into effect. We will also analyse your conversion rates and targets. With advice on what to do next and how to optimise your pay-per-click campaigns for the best return on investment.

Market Research

One of the most critical parts of any PPC management Strategy is Market research. We are aware of how critical it is to comprehend our customer’s positions in the market in order to develop effective Pay per click PPC advertising plans for them.

PPC Goal Campaign Setting

Our PPC Agency in Bradford ensures that our strategies are tailored to the demands of our client's businesses. For all PPC advertising initiatives, we begin by identifying objectives and KPIs. This will guarantee that our PPC ads stay on course and get the desired outcomes.

Competitor Analysis

The business climate is extremely competitive, and many companies are turning to our PPC Agency in Bradford in order to thrive. To design a PPC campaign that will outperform those of your competitors, we will thoroughly research them. We’ll conduct a SWOT analysis for both your company and competitors and then incorporate that information into our PPC management strategy.

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PPC Campaign Planning and Management

Every phase of your PPC campaign is meticulously thought out at our PPC agency. This enables our PPC specialists to maintain control over their work and provide the desired outcomes with a minimum amount of mistakes.

PPC Campaign Optimisation

To ensure that each click comes from the right segment of the audience, we constantly track and improve all of our ads. By using different bidding and optimising techniques we boost conversion rates and effectiveness of any PPC campaign. The right optimisation strategy can not only save you money but also gives increased growth.


Reporting is one of the fantastic features we include with our PPC management services. As a result, each client will have access to their report and a snapshot of the results of their PPC campaign.

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